Watch An Awkward 24-Year-Old Louis C.K. On A 1991 Episode Of ‘Comics Only’

Actor and comedian Paul Provenza has been quietly uploading clips to YouTube from his short-lived “talk show for comics,” Comics Only, which ran on Comedy Central for one season in 1991. The above clip featuring an awkward and clearly uncomfortable (if body language is any indication) 24-year-old Louis C.K., just a few years into his stand-up career, has been floating around for nearly a year now, but is just now being discovered thanks to Reddit.

In it, C.K. discusses topics such as living in New York City, getting arrested, social awkwardness, and sexual awkwardness. He also does… a voice. It’s not a particularly good voice. You can see glimpses of the seasoned comedian we all know and love, but it’s clear that his delivery has evolved quite a bit over the years to get him to where his career is today. Or, as one commenter points out, it was Louis C.K. “before he hated everything.” It’s true, I don’t think I’ve ever seen the guy smile as much as he does in the seven-minute-long clip.

Just goes to show what marriage, kids, and divorce will do to a guy. But we’ll still take the world-weary Louis C.K., thank you very much.

(Via Reddit)

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