Louis C.K. Should Not Own A Boat, And More From Last Night's 'Fallon' (With RZA)

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11.02.12 6 Comments

Louis C.K. took a break from rehearsing for this weekend’s highly anticipated SNL to chat with Jimmy Fallon on Late Night. The two comedians, who couldn’t be more different (Fallon’s giggly excitement next to C.K.’s “the meal is over when I hate myself” outlook on life makes for a mismatched pair), discussed Hurricane Sandy, prepping for SNL (C.K. said that at one point, he thinks Lorne Michaels was this close to pulling the plug on the episode, due to the host’s inadequacies, to which I say, January Jones), and C.K.’s boat.

Yes, Louie has a boat, and the first time he took it out for an unlicensed spin, this happened. The second time, it was with Chris Rock and his manager, and they went right up the Statue of Liberty (a no-no) and called the coast guard. There will be no third time — his boat’s in a “stupid” pile of other boats now, destroyed by Sandy. Just as well, though an episode of Louie in which he’s accused of being a nautical terrorist could be great.

Also, RZA was there, and even though he and C.K. didn’t collaborate on “NYC Everything,” with C.K. taking on Method Man’s verse (RZA, however, was greeted by the Roots’ version of “Ooh I Love You Rakeem”), it’s never not awesome to listen to the Scientist, there to promote The Man with the Iron Fists, especially when he’s gabbing about Russell Crowe. And now I’m going to spend the rest of the day recasting A Beautiful Mind with members of the Wu-Tang Clan. ODB was BORN to play William Parcher, at least until he, um, died.

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