Louis C.K. Will Do Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee’ On A Boat

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Jerry Seinfeld joined the SNY broadcast team up on the booth during a Mets game yesterday, and during the broadcast — which included a couple of old-school Mets, Ron Darling and Keith Hernandez– Seinfeld talked at length about his project Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, a web series that I met with some initial skepticism, but it’s grown on me a lot. There have been some brilliant and insightful episodes, so far, including the one with David Letterman, the one where Chris Rock revealed he slipped the Pam Anderson sex tape to a Make-A-Wish kid, and of course, the Michael Richards episode, where they talked about Richards’ N-Word meltdown.

Now, we get to look forward to a third season with Louis C.K., joining Seinfeld on Louis’ boat, according to Seinfeld, who filmed the episode earlier this week.

He also spoke about some of the criticism he’s gotten for the show because it has featured mostly white males.

The first season I did of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, I just asked comedians I liked, which happen to be white men. Most comedians are male. Most of my friends are white. I have a few black friends. Most of them are white. It’s just the way the country breaks down. And there was such a thing about, ‘Where are the women? Where are the women?’ All of a sudden, they get, people get very upset. It’s like, that I don’t have the exact demographic breakdown of the population at-large in my group of friends. That’s political correctness run amok. Who cares?”

Later, Seinfeld joked about confusing Giants players Angel Pagan with Brandon Crawford because of similar beards, and that someone might accuse him of being racist for that. After a crack on Mets player Josh Satin’s eyebrows, Seinfeld called back that line: “Was that racist? Do I have to go on Al Sharpton’s show?”

Yes, I love that Jerry Seinfeld doesn’t even bother getting worked up about political correctness. The guy could buy NBC six times over, and yet, he’s spending his time driving around fancy cars talking to comedians and telling people who get bent out of shape about the demographics of his guests to jump up his ass.

Finally, Seinfeld also talked about the time Hernandez was on Seinfeld, making out with Elaine. From the ComicsComic:

“I really can remember that like it was yesterday, Keith,” Seinfeld said. “You and her in that car, and you having to do that make-out scene.”

Hernandez replied: “Eight takes!” “I remember it well. I felt like Maurice Chevalier.”

Seinfeld: “I really was so excited when you walked out on that set…but you know, we weren’t a hit show at that time.”

Hernandez: “I understand.”

Seinfeld: “It was ’93. The show didn’t really take off until ’94, and that was the biggest thrill that we had had up to that time. Keith Hernandez came by.”

I wonder how that compared to Bill Buckner on Curb Your Enthusiasm?

(Source: The Comic’s Comic. Pic via Getty)

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