Read The Comic Book Version Of Louis C.K.’s Famous ‘Why?’ Bit

Senior Pop Culture Editor
11.05.13 10 Comments

Why? Why are we here? Why don’t we live longer? Why don’t we die quicker? Why are curly fries better than normal fries? Why do people still root for Cleveland sport teams when they should know better? Why haven’t more people watched Better Off Ted? Why is “why is my poop green” the third Google Autofill option? Why isn’t Justified back yet? Why is it impossible to watch a 3D movie and not try to touch the screen? Why hasn’t “why” been changed to “y” to save two clicks yet? But most importantly, why should you read Jaeil Cho’s comic book version of Louis C.K.’s “Why?” routine from his One Night Stand HBO special? Because, that’s why. That, and it’s excellent.

(Via Jaeil Cho Art)

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