Louis C.K. Just Announced A Slew Of New Tour Dates And A Cheaper Way To Get Tickets

Louis CK
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If you’ve been crying yourself to sleep at night over the cancellation of Horace and Pete and the indefinite hiatus of Louie, here’s something to dry those tears.

Our favorite ginger-haired comedian Louis C.K. is giving us even more laughs, albeit through a different medium. The stand-up comic recently announced a six-city tour kicking off May 17th and now he’s adding to that number with a 22-city run that will see him cracking jokes both in the States and overseas beginning in July.

The comedian announced the extended tour — which will see him performing at some big name venues like Madison Square Garden and the Los Angeles Forum — by penning a letter to fans via his website:

“It’s all new material (well, I’ve been working on it for about a year, so if you saw me at a club or something since last May or so, you might be seeing some of the same material, though it has changed drastically over the months) but if you’ve seen me on tour, in a major venue, you won’t have seen these particular words.

“That’s right. I am not using any words that I have ever said on stage. It was a very difficult challenge. I had to resort to words like ‘cotton’ and ‘trunk’ and even ‘Salutation’.

All jokes aside, C.K. admitted he feels now is the right time to ditch his other projects, hit the road and try out some new material.

“It’s new jokes and I think I’m better at comedy right now than I’ve been for a while and I’m going to dedicate the year to just doing great live shows,” C.K. wrote. “I’m very ready and excited to come to your town and tell this humor with my mouth.”

He’s also doing fans a solid by making the ticketing process for his shows simpler and more affordable. The comedian announced he’d be scrapping those annoying ticket fees most venues charge by paying for them himself:

Most tickets are $50 or less. There are no ticket fees for any shows. My agent worked hard to accomplish this by negotiating in every city and finding venues that were willing to help us make the shows affordable. In some cases, the venues and I are splitting the ticket charges between us so you don’t have to pay it. In the end it’s worth it to me because I don’t want coming to see me to be a painful choice for anyone and either way I’m making plenty of money on the tour. I sincerely hope that everyone takes advantage of this by simply buying the affordable tickets and coming to the shows.

And he has a message for any punks looking to make a buck by scalping said affordable tickets: watch out, he’s onto you.

For those of you who plan to take the opportunity of the simple and cheap ticketing on this tour to make a profit at the expense of my fans, please note that we are working hard to prevent scalping and that if you resell your tickets at an unfair price, you are risking having your tickets invalidated.

For a full list of the cities C.K. will be visiting, fans can head to the comedian’s website.