Louis C.K. Clears The Air Regarding The Debt He’s Carrying Around Thanks To ‘Horace And Pete’

As many people pointed out, Louis C.K. is not bankrupt, broke, or in the poor house because of Horace And Pete. Yes, there’s plenty of debt and it wasn’t just a joke he told on The Howard Stern Show, but the comedian is far from poor due to his series.

C.K. stopped by Bill Simmon’s podcast and cleared up the rumors about his financial stability due to Horace And Pete. As reported by Entertainment Weekly, this is pretty common stuff for a television series:

“I went on Howard Stern and talked about where the show was at, and I told him that I’m in debt — I borrowed money to make the show, which is every single TV show ever made; they’re all in debt,” he said on the podcast. “I know this from getting my financial reports for my show on FX [Louie], because I’m a partner on my FX show, and I have participation in the profits, so they send me a thing that tells me, and I read those.”

To help clarify the situation even more, he notes that the show is an asset. It’s what we poor folks call “good debt” in order to sleep at night and not chew on the end of a gun. He’s going to keep selling the show and soon enough, Hulu or Netflix is going to come calling to carry the entire series and help him make all of that money back.

He also cleared up a bit about the ending of the show and why it was such an abrupt stop:

“When the 10th one came out, I wanted people to watch the show without knowing they’re watching the last episode,” C.K. told Simmons. “I wanted them to have all the feelings of something ending the way it feels when something ends, which is you don’t know it’s going to.”

So yeah, nothing new in these parts. The news that the show is likely coming to Hulu or Netflix soon might help people decide if they’re ever going to watch the show, though. Paying for Netflix already is one of the reasons why I didn’t go out and purchase every episode as it came on C.K.’s web site. That and not having any time.

(Via Entertainment Weekly)

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