Louis C.K. And Letterman Finally Watch The ‘Letterman, F*ck You!’ Scene From ‘Louie’ Together

Before we get into Louis’s brief but excellent chat with Letterman last night, let me please take a moment to remind everyone how terrible CBS’s web player is. Killing it with fire might actually improve it. It’s seriously 20th century stuff compared to how Conan, Fallon, and Kimmel operate on the web. I should be more depressed on an everyday basis that this network and its programming dominate the Nielsens.

I’ve included the two brief Louis snippets from the CBS page below. You can watch the full segment here. It’s somehow remarkably worth putting up with three CSI ads and a Survivor North Korea promo to get there. Tremendous things from the visit that you won’t see in the two below clips:

  • Dave thanking Louis for running right over from his basement workshop.
  • A gratuitous amount of “asshole” usage for network television.
  • Louis on the difficulty of telling your kids not to lie: “The truth is lying is AMAZING. It’s like magic.”
  • The story behind FX’s courtship of his show and how he still can’t believe they let him make it the way he wants to.
  • FX sees new episodes of Louie the day before they air (see above).

At least you can watch them watch Louis give Dave the finger and tell him to go f*ck himself…

So yeah, they don’t really get into it, but that was fun nonetheless. As far as I’m concerned Louis never asked permission to (sort of) slander Dave on cable, and Dave didn’t really give a sh*t when he found out because he knows Louis is a genius and also Letterman ain’t care. I would kill for full backstory though. Dave Itzkoff’s recent New York Times interview with C.K. may be as close as we ever get.

And here’s a short clip on being famous and politely telling people you won’t take photos with them. And how that backfires C.K.-style.

Again, full segment can be found after much excavation here. And again, CBS’s next day video options can suck a fat one. Kat Denning’s cleavage is the only thing you guys do that makes sense to me.