Louis C.K. Wanders Into A Confusing Debate About His Love Of Naps Over Sex On ‘Fallon’

There’s always a moment when someone is on The Tonight Show where you wonder how far can they take Jimmy Fallon before he reaches the line of what NBC wants to talk about before midnight. Louis C.K. is one of those guests and during his appearance on Thursday, he brought some prime ammunition. He kicks it off simple enough by talking naps, but then soon moves into sex territory, before ending up floating around with a bunch of poo jokes. It’s one of the better Tonight Show interviews in a long time and all thanks to Louis C.K. attempting to mess around with Fallon throughout. You don’t just drop several bathroom jokes in a row, interrupting the host in the process, without knowing exactly what you’re doing.

The comedian was on the show to promote his Netflix special dropping on Tuesday but seemed more interested in making sure the audience knows he loves naps more than anything. And while Fallon does make a pretty terrible comment about liking naps better than sleep, you kinda get the idea behind it. Sometimes a nap has a different feel than your full night’s sleep and can refresh with just a short amount. Also, it just seems more wild and free. Sleeping during the day? When the sun is out? That’s edgy and not lazy at all. Take two or three, especially if your eyes are heavy.

(Via The Tonight Show)