Louis C.K. Has A New App And A Special New Year’s Message

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Press releases are a typically utilitarian device but Louie C.K. manages to transcend that by sometimes pairing updates about his touring schedule and new releases with a little light commentary on the world at large. We’ve highlighted these dispatches before and so shall we again, because in this one, C.K. manages to cut through the stresses, chaos, and niceties that are attached to New Year’s with a little logic while also letting it be known that he just launched an app.

C.K.’s app will allow his fans to buy and watch streams of his stand-up specials and get updates on his upcoming live shows. The comic also announced that his entire library is now up on his site, louisck.net, and the app. So, now you know about that.

Now here’s C.K. on the limits he’d like to put on the standard “Happy New Year’s” message and how a lot of what drives our freak outs are of our own creation.

I wish you all a Happy New Year. Meaning that I wish for your New Years Eve to be happy. It’s hard to wish hundreds of thousands of people to have an entire happy year. That’s a lot. That feels greedy and hopeless and also some of you might not deserve a happy year. Everyone deserves a happy moment or day now and again but a whole happy year I would wish on maybe eight people and four of them are terminally ill children.

Also please remember that the turning over of one year to another is a mental construct that bears no more weight than the things that keep us apart and in competitive categories as human beings. Time is not moving. You’re not losing or gaining ground. You’re not separate from “them” anymore than you’re separate from your own umbrella. It’s now, we’re us and this is here. If you’re in pain, this too shall pass. If you’re in luxury, this too shall pass. Ask an old lady how she’s doing. The internet is not real. Draw a picture on a napkin.

You can place the CK app on your smartphone (IOS/Android) by clicking those links and you can heed CK’s message by asking your grandma what’s up every now and again. She’s got some stories to tell!

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