03.19.09 10 years ago 10 Comments

Pretty much everyone with an Internet connection has seen Louis C.K.’s “Everything’s Amazing, Nobody’s Happy” clip from Conan O’Brien (YouTube here, Hulu in HD after the jump).  I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say it’s become the preeminent piece of humor for whatever we’re calling this new era of economic suckitude (Post-capitalism? Neo-pre-modernism? The Bush Turd? The Failed Promise of Hope?).

In the above clip, Louis C.K. sits down and talks to Time Magazine about the genesis of that material, why his point of view has resonated so deeply, how it’s expanded from 4 minutes to 40 minutes, and why his best audience was a group of soldiers in Baghdad.  It’s worth watching all seven minutes — and I say that as a person with an incredibly short OH MY GOD LOOK AT THIS DOG!

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