Trump Returns To ‘SNL’ For A Morale Boost From The Voters That Stand By Him No Matter What

Alec Baldwin returned once again to play Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, but things were a little different for the president this time around. He needed a bit of that campaign love from the people that put him in office, so he made a nice little pit stop in Kentucky to “his people.” They’ll love him no matter what, even if he’s opting to cut their healthcare and forcing them into jobs in the coal industry.

Trump has had a busy week of playing golf, meeting with world leaders, and bombing Syria, so it’s no wonder he wants to stop in and get some of that wonderful love. That’s why the real Trump is having campaign rallies for 2020 after only being in office for a few months. And can you blame him? Being president is not a fun job at all. Just look at what he had to do this week or look at what any president has had to do over just the past 20 years. I’d want to golf and have crowds chanting my name all the time instead of deciding to bomb a bunch of people.

The problem for Trump, at least on SNL, is that it seems there’s a moment in the near future where the love of Trump’s supporters will be tested. Sometime around the point where their healthcare runs out, their wives are feeling withdrawal, and the coal mine has been shut down. He’ll always have Ivanka.

(Via SNL)

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