Louis CK Takes A Swan Dive Off A Bridge In The Latest Teaser For Season 4 Of ‘Louie’

We’ve already seen two teasers for the upcoming season of Louie, which premieres May 5, but those lacked ACTION and EXCITEMENT and UNEXPLAINED FLOWERS, so here’s a new one that has all those things. What does Louis C.K. jumping off a bridge with a rose in his teeth have to do with the new season of the show? Maybe nothing, maybe everything. I mean, not many people could have survived that fall. Perhaps they’re trying to tell us he’s a superhero now, and the entire fourth season will be about him running around fighting crime. Or maybe he’s just immortal, with no superpowers, and it’ll be about his struggle to come to terms with everyone he loves dying over and over and over again for thousands of years. No way to tell at this point.

In other news, I just ruined/improved this teaser by 500%. I’m sorry and you’re welcome.