‘Luke Cage’ Casts Alfre Woodard In A Role We Didn’t Expect Marvel To Revive

alfre woodard

The original Luke Cage comic series was relatively open-minded for the time it was published, the 1970s, but ’70s Marvel was weird, and bad ideas were pretty easy to slip through. This is why the Falcon’s origin as a pimp doesn’t come up, and why some of the, ah, less than enlightened villains of Luke Cage’s past are gone. Or so we thought.

Deadline is reporting that Alfre Woodward has been cast as “Minetta, a powerful woman in local politics who will have an impact on Luke Cage’s life.” However, the rumor goes further and suggests she’ll be playing Black Mariah. Who’s Black Mariah? Let me introduce you to Black Mariah!

So, yeah, at a guess, the four-time Emmy winner is probably not going to play a malevolent version of a Martin Lawrence gag. If this is really is Black Mariah Woodard is playing, they’re going to change it substantially, not just for the obvious reasons, but because it would be too close to Daredevil. One assumes, or at least hopes, they’re aiming to make Luke Cage a little different than just have another street level hero beat up another crime boss.

Either way, it’s good to hear the series is getting some forward motion. Amid the hubbub around Daredevil, it wasn’t clear if Marvel was just going to stick with the megahit or follow its announced plan. Now to see who they’re casting as Iron Fist…

(via TVLine)