‘Luke Cage’ Mashed Up With The ‘Family Matters’ Opening Credits Is Simple And Perfect

Mash-up videos are a mixed bag these days, as everyone has a wild, hilarious idea they think will definitely go viral, and more than likely it’s a swing and a miss. For every talented video editor like our friend Robert Jones, there are a zillion aspiring mashers trying to get in on the action, and only a few will ever reach the true height of Internet fame: When someone steals your video, tweets “Who did this fam?” and gets 100,000 retweets in 10 minutes. Just ask the people behind that hilarious Dirty Dancing debate mash-up.

But Zach Ace is a YouTuber who knows how to make a perfect-yet-simple mash-up, as he already proved with his Avengers/Full House video from August and his recent “Deadpool in Civil War” banger that was even more popular. On Tuesday he gifted us his latest masterpiece, a subtle mash-up of Netflix’s Luke Cage and the opening theme of Family Matters, which is arguably the catchiest sitcom theme song ever recorded. It’s so good that for a few minutes I forgot how angry Alfre Woodard’s Mariah Dillard makes me. You’ll get yours in season two, Mariah!

As an added bonus, Zach provided the side-by-side edit just to prove how good it is. What a show-off.