Mike Colter Explains The Art Of ‘Smack Fu’ To Seth Meyers

Fans have been waiting for Luke Cage to come to the screen for a long, long time. Which is great, since fan support drives success, but sometimes the fannish enthusiasm, as Mike Colter explains to Seth Meyers, can get to be a little much.

The problem Colter lays out is that basically people wouldn’t stop trying to get his attention while he’s shooting a scene. And also, it’s the law in New York that somebody has to show up with a boom box in the shot, and then be chased around by the police. Beyond a certain point we’re wondering if Colter didn’t wish he could do what the stunt coordinator calls “smack fu” for real. In Colter’s words:

It’s like a beeyotch slap. You come near me, I just disrespect you. Like BAM! Smack across the face.

Yep. That’s Luke Cage. Colter does, however, get a little more serious in the clip, talking about the advantage a 13-episode series offers him as an actor to really dig into who Luke is and what his day-to-day is like. After all, there’s more to the best superheroes than tossing people through windows. They need real, human motivation for their defenestrations. We’ll see just what Luke’s is tomorrow.

(Via YouTube)