Luke Cage Makes His Presence Felt In The Latest Teaser For His Netflix Spinoff

You don’t need to be smacked into mammal paste by Marvel superhero Luke Cage to know not to get into a donnybrook with the dude. Unfortunately for the dopes in the latest teaser for Luke Cage, they learned this lesson the hard way. Y’know, the getting beaten senseless way.

There’s no big curveballs in the latest clip, but there is the endless charm of Mike Colter and some awesome comic book style action on display. The action builds to a standoff between Cage and two hopeless gun-toting baddies that don’t know how screwed they are. C’mon, villains. Why wouldn’t you want to be this guy’s friend? You can have some laughs at his bar and pretend to have arm-wrestling matches.

Series showrunner Cheo Hodari Coker shared an interesting perspective on the character at Comic-Con last month:

“There’s never been a time in history where having a bulletproof black man, in terms of just looking at how that affects a neighborhood, in terms of looking at, for example, how it not only changes law enforcement but also changes the criminal world, and really in a sense, it’s like Luke’s entrance into this world changes the ecology of the entire neighborhood.”

Luke Cage will be making his big solo Netflix debut on September 30. We’re pretty excited.