The New ‘Luther’ Trailer Proves We’re Getting New Episodes, And That’s All We Need

Above you can find the trailer to BBC’s new two-part Luther special. While it’s as explosive and gripping one would expect “new Luther” to be, there’s not much that’s going on from a “new information” standpoint. We don’t get a closer look at the plot than what was described before, though “Luther has to stop some crazy killer” hasn’t failed as an arc before. It indeed seems like we’re not getting Alice, though Rose Leslie is in to fill the redhead quota. Really, the main thing to take away from all this is the ultimate confirmation that we are getting an actual show and not some vague promise of one. If it comes with glimpses of Luther in various stages of kicking someone’s ass, all the better.

BBC One will be airing part one of the “two-part special” on December 15 and BBC America will pull the event on December 17th. That means fans across the pond will be able to watch the special two days after the initial airing. It still means we have to wait for December to hit, though. Last season’s waiting period did get down to less than a month, and it’s even less for the special, but we also want the damn thing now. Consider that wait a fun bonus to what will likely be a suspenseful two episodes, and don’t be like ol’ John Luther here:

(Via BBC)