Lynda Carter Is Getting Presidential On ‘Supergirl’

Greg Berlanti, mastermind of the CW’s superhero series, has a deep and abiding love of casting in-jokes. Pretty much every cast member of the original Flash TV show from the ’90s has turned up multiple times on the current-day Flash. Dean Cain and Helen Slater, former Superpeople, are Kara’s adoptive parents on Supergirl. And now Lynda Carter is coming to the show, not as Wonder Woman, but as president.

It’s a bit surprising it took this long for Carter to turn up. The role, though, would imply that Kara is drawing even more attention than we realized, especially since her cousin is turning up for a few episodes. It may also help explain how she gets incorporated into the wider CW universe, since they’re having a mega-crossover that will probably involve Supergirl forcing Ollie to smile.

Normally we’d say Carter will just be serving as Madame President in this role, but considering some of the fast ones this show has pulled, especially concerning one Hank Henshaw, we’re not going to rule out Carter busting out the bracelets and singlet. Besides, we all know Wondy could pretty easily win office, not least because she could use the Lasso of Truth during the debates.

(Via Deadline)