A Revived ‘Mad About You’ Doesn’t Have To Be A Retread

Features Editor
12.28.17 5 Comments


TV reboots seem like blatant nostalgia plays, but what if that’s not always the case? Can we consider the possibility that a finale doesn’t always mean that there’s no more story left to tell and that maybe all that’s needed is a little time away to find a new, interesting creative direction?

If rumors about a Mad About You reboot are to be believed, then that may be what series co-creator and co-star Paul Reiser is thinking. What’s the internet thinking? Let’s say it’s a mixed bag. Mad About You, while a clever and charming look at the ’90s love story of Paul and Jamie Buchman (played by Reiser and Helen Hunt), didn’t occupy as prominent a place in the zeitgeist as previously rebooted shows like Full House, Will & Grace and Roseanne. The series has also been off the air for 18 years without much in the way of widespread rerun exposure on basic cable over the last decade. So there’s a little bit of “Why bother?” alongside the nostalgia sickness and the typical accusations about Hollywood being devoid of original ideas.

If Sony (the studio behind the series) is interested in a Mad About You reboot to capitalize on the legions of Buchmaniacs, and if they’re watching the internet as a gauge for whether or not they should take things to the next level, then this project may not see daylight. This isn’t a guaranteed slam dunk like those other shows. The curiosity factor won’t be as strong. But after reading Reiser riff on the possibility of exploring an empty nest angle in an interview with People magazine (from October), it’s clear that he’s got more to say about couplehood after nearly 20 years away from these characters and 20 years of change in the world of television.

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