The Only Items We Want To See In The Huge Upcoming ‘Mad Men’ Memorabilia Auction

05.23.16 6 Comments

Mad Men aired its series finale on May 17, 2015, which means it has been just over a year since Don Draper lifted his eyelids on that hippie commune to reveal a dollar sign in one eye and a Coke bottle in the other. This doesn’t feel right, in either direction, because that scene somehow seems like something that happened impossibly long ago and also like something that happened last month. Time, like a LearJet containing Pete Campbell or small plane piloted by a non-depressed Ted Chaough, truly flies.

To commemorate this one year anniversary, TV and film auction site Screenbid has put together a huge memorabilia auction filled with tons of Mad Men… stuff. Lots of it. Over 1500 items, according to the press release, which explains the whole thing thusly.

To create lots with maximum style and historic value, ScreenBid engaged Mad Men’s award-winning property master Ellen Freund to curate the sale. Dozens of items in the auction were featured in the “Matthew Weiner’s Mad Men” exhibit at New York’s Museum of the Moving Image (MOMI) in 2015, and at Modernism Week 2016 in Palm Springs.

“Every item that appeared on Mad Men was chosen with painstaking care to be both historically accurate for the time period and to help tell the characters’ stories through the objects around them,” said Freund. “With this auction, it’s exciting to give fans a chance to take home a piece of American and television history.”

So far Screenbid has released a preview of 34 “selected items” that will be available once the auction kicks off on June 1. Highlights include: glasses (Don and Roger’s sunglasses, Harry Crane’s regular glasses), office things (Joan’s promotion letter, the box in the banner image that Peggy used to move stuff), and entire cars (Don’s 1964 Chrysler Imperial). So if you need any of that stuff and enjoy giving long explanations about the origin of your belongings, this is a big day for you.

Now, if you’re sitting there reading all this thinking that it sounds really familiar, there’s a good reason for that. Screenbid just did a huge Mad Men auction in August, which you probably remember because it featured the rope Lane Pryce used to commit suicide. And someone bid on it! This will never not be one of the top 100 weirdest things to ever happen. What are you doing with Lane’s suicide rope, you weirdo?! And why spend money on it? It’s not like anyone’s going to question you if you produce any old rope from your garage and say, “This is Lane’s suicide rope.” They’ll be too busy backing away slowly with a mixture of fear and concern in their eyes. Use your head!

But that said, there were a few notable omissions from the first auction, so again, fingers crossed that this new one contains one or all of the following:

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