Someone Counted Every Single Elevator Scene On ‘Mad Men’

Mad Men spends as much time in elevators as Breaking Bad did meth labs. Knowing this, the Wall Street Journal counted all of the elevator scenes over the show’s seven seasons, and they even asked creator Matthew Weiner why he’s so infatuated with placing his creations in a mechanical box like some sort of Tower of Terror-loving God. Over 85 episodes, there have been “59 scenes in elevators. There are more on the way, including a bitter exchange in the show’s April 5 premiere.”

“It’s a public place where private things can happen, and there’s a lot of potential there,” Mr. Weiner says, noting that Mad Men owes much to the 1960 film The Apartment, including using elevators for dramatic oomph. (Via)

Yet, there’s never been an episode set entirely inside an elevator, where two or more characters are stuck in there for hours. To pass the time and not think about food, they talk out their problems with each other and other things that happen in “elevator failure” episodes.

Also, Pete finally snaps and just murders everyone [cut to black].

Via Wall Street Journal