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Yup, that’s Roger Sterling (John Slattery) in blackface on last night’s episode of “Mad Men.”  Why?  Well, a bunch of rich white people went to the Hamptons for a Derby Day party, and when else are you gonna break out the blackface if not at a rich white people party in the Hamptons? (It’s a tradition that continues today, I believe.)  Anyway, inexcusable racial insensitivity aside, Slattery has a lovely baritone.  Suck on that, Al Jolson.

But that wasn’t all for the musical performances last night.  Not only did Paul Kinsey and his drug-dealing friend from Princeton get high and relive their a cappella days, but Joan (Christina Hendricks) and her dickbag fiancé husband hosted a dinner party, and the dickbag pressured Joan into performing.  “Play a little,” he said, and immediately every red-blooded male wanted to know what she played.  The clarinet?  The flute?  Something phallic!  Something she has to blow!  Yeah, high-five!



It may look like an accordion, but it sounds like this.

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