‘Mad Men’ Season 4 Poster

06.21.10 8 years ago 11 Comments

The poster for the fourth season of AMC’s “Mad Men” has been released, and wouldn’t you know it? Don Draper is in an office. He’s missing some furniture, but at least the office is drier than it was last year.

Anyway, I never really see the point to spending too much time writing about a poster for a TV show; it always feels too much like an art history paper, and the inferences people make are either retarded or obvious. For more on this subject, let’s go to Hollywood’s retarded Captain Obvious, Michael Ausiello:

The message being conveyed by Mad Men‘s season 4 key art is clear: Don Draper is starting over…

What do you think of the poster? Did anyone else pick up on the exhibitionist subtext?

Wait, what? Exhibitionist? Either Ausiello doesn’t know what exhibitionist means (entirely possible), or he has inferred that Don Draper is facing the window with his penis hanging out of his trousers. I’m sorry, but I gotta chalk that one up to wishful thinking. By a f*cking moron.

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