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According to MovieLine, AMC has put out a press release announcing that the fourth season of “Mad Men” will begin in July, although an exact date has yet to be determined. I realize that this isn’t much of a news item, but today’s been slow, I miss writing about “Mad Men,” and I hadn’t Photoshopped an animal into a picture all day.

In related news, Michael Ausiello recently revealed that the show was casting for new characters:

[Showrunner] Matthew Weiner is adding three new potentially recurring characters. The rookie trio includes a handsome and creative male; a voluptuous, curvy, and cute brunette who is friendly but professional; and an affable guy who is a bit lacking in personality.

Production on the season premiere — tentatively titled “Public Relations” — is scheduled to get underway on April 12.

Don’t mind me, I’ll just be here thinking about Christina Hendricks as Joan and Alison Brie as Trudy, swirling my scotch, gently tweaking my nipples.

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