Here’s The GIF Of Pete Campbell Falling Down The Stairs You’ve Been Looking For

SO: Things. Just. Got. Interesting.

After weeks of brooding and philandering tonight gave us some serious Mad Men/SCDP plot movement to chew on. It also gave us what will quite possibly be the Pete Campbell GIF of the season. So while we’ll save getting into the juicy details for Cajun Boy’s recap tomorrow, let’s celebrate Pete Campbell versus stairs in all its glory right now, shall we?

It’s funny because: Pete Campbell falling down in a fit of rage. Also because it helps us forget Vincent Kartheiser is engaged to Alexis Bledel and gets paid to put the moves on Alison Brie. Forget I mentioned that part and re-watch for the hundredth time. You’ll find something new to enjoy. Promise.

GIF by Chet Manley