Roger Sterling Looks Like He Really Enjoys Airports In The Latest 'Mad Men' Season 7 Teaser

So far the promotional materials for the upcoming seventh and final season of Mad Men have featured a trippy-ass poster, a slow-mo shot of Don Draper getting off a plane, and a gallery of colorful images of the Sterling Cooper crew at the airport. And now to all that we can add this teaser, titled “It’s All Up in the Air,” which kind of combines everything we’ve seen so far to give us colorful slow-mo shots of the characters, some of whom are wearing trippy-ass dresses, hanging around the airporOHHHHHHHHH I GET IT NOW. “Up in the Air,” like how planes go, but also like how last season ended with lots of things figuratively “up in the air” for the characters. You know, like a double meaning. Can’t squeeze that one by me, gang. Too sharp.

Anyway, showrunner Matthew Weiner already said that we shouldn’t read too much into the imagery of these promo materials beyond “the cast is still very attractive and things are getting very 1970s-y in a hurry,” but as of right now I have chosen to disregard that and begin assuming that Roger Sterling will be stranded at an airport for the entire season like Tom Hanks in The Terminal, just drinking clear liquor and eye-banging stewardesses non-stop for 14 episodes spread over a 12-18 month period. Prove me wrong.

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