Fat Betty, Peggy, And Slimy Pete Will All Stick Around For Two More Years Of ‘Mad Men’

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08.02.12 10 Comments

According to Deadline, January Jones, Elisabeth Moss, and Vincent Karthheiser have all finalized deals — with significant salary bumps — to continue on Mad Men through the seventh, and likely final, season of the Matthew Weiner drama.


Well, it means that Peggy Olson isn’t going anywhere, which we already knew from recent comments from Matthew Weiner. If she’s going to be around for two more years, it seems almost certain that she will eventually be brought back into the Sterling, Cooper, Draper, and Harris fold, and more likely than not, they’ll add Olson to the firm name to get her back. Hopefully, she won’t have to sleep with Pete to get the job.

I don’t know anyone who is that excited to see Betty Francis return for the final two seasons, as she only seems to exist on the show 1) because of Sally Draper, 2) occasional comic relief, and 3) to provide a frame of reference for Megan Draper. Betty is the “After” picture, if you will, in Don and Megan’s marriage.

Pete Campbell, well, he has to be around to be creepy. Also, as long as Pete is on the show, there’s always the tiny fear that he may wake up one morning and decide to murder a hooker or a client’s wife because she looked at him funny. There’s some real psychopathic tendencies buried underneath that receding hairline (plus, by the seventh season, we’ll get to see full-on bald Pete Campbell!).

It should be noted that Christina Hendricks is also negotiating to stick around for the final two seasons. She is also looking for a significant pay hike, but negotations with Hendricks are more complicated. She and her breasts are working out separate deals, and it my understanding that her boobs are asking for more, as they are being called upon by Matthew Weiner to DEFY GRAVITY.


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