‘Mad Men Yourself’ Is Back

07.09.10 8 Comments

Oh, fictional 1960s Danger Guerrero, you are a debonair mix of business and leisure. Surely the ladies of the office swoon at your arrival.

There were some real shots taken at “Mad Men” around these parts yesterday by Mr. Jon Bois.  While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, as Warming Glow’s self-appointed temporary attack dog (*barks once, sniffs intruders shoes, lays down, farts in sleep*), I looked high and low for a relevant story so I could bring it up.  Well, Mad Men Yourself is back.  So there.

I get that people may think it’s a little slow developing.  But I think the bigger issue is that it’s slow-er, not slow.  A generation that grew up on a two second shot that cuts to a one second shot that smash cuts to BAMPLOWKABOOM *kazoo noise* would understandably get fidgety watching a show that paces its story and takes periodic detours.  That’s not to say if you don’t like “Mad Men,” you have ADD and/or are an idiot.  Nor does it make me some cultured, douchey TV connoisseur (which I assuredly am not, based on my last few posts if nothing else).   I just find it to be a very good show that actually tells a good story involving interesting, multi-faceted characters.  Something there ain’t a hell of a lot of on TV right now.

Yikes, that was a crappy argument.  I’ll leave the elegant wordsmithing to Matt from now on, and stick to what I do best: completely unnecessary cheap shots at those I disagree with. 

Jon Bois: *pushes glasses up nose, begins sweating uncontrollably* Hi, I’m Jon Bois.  I was told there would be fingerbanging at this address?

Woman: Dear God, did you bring an accordion?  And a donut?

Jon Bois:  *fondles accordion, looks embarrassed* Yes, I like to play.  And the donut is for my blood sugar.

Woman: Sorry, you’ll not be fingerbanging me.  I’ll wait for that debonair Danger Guerrero from the banner pic.  He knows a woman like me does not want to be asked before a fingerbanging.  He knows to just do it when the moment is right.

Jon Bois:  Oh, hamburgers *takes long drag off inhaler, shuffles away*


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