‘Mad Men Yourself’ Is Back

07.09.10 9 years ago 8 Comments

There were some real shots taken at “Mad Men” around these parts yesterday by Mr. Jon Bois.  While everyone is certainly entitled to their opinion, as Warming Glow’s self-appointed temporary attack dog (*barks once, sniffs intruders shoes, lays down, farts in sleep*), I looked high and low for a relevant story so I could bring it up.  Well, Mad Men Yourself is back.  So there.

I get that people may think it’s a little slow developing.  But I think the bigger issue is that it’s slow-er, not slow.  A generation that grew up on a two second shot that cuts to a one second shot that smash cuts to BAMPLOWKABOOM *kazoo noise* would understandably get fidgety watching a show that paces its story and takes periodic detours.  That’s not to say if you don’t like “Mad Men,” you have ADD and/or are an idiot.  Nor does it make me some cultured, douchey TV connoisseur (which I assuredly am not, based on my last few posts if nothing else).   I just find it to be a very good show that actually tells a good story involving interesting, multi-faceted characters.  Something there ain’t a hell of a lot of on TV right now.

Yikes, that was a crappy argument.  I’ll leave the elegant wordsmithing to Matt from now on, and stick to what I do best: completely unnecessary cheap shots at those I disagree with. 

Jon Bois: *pushes glasses up nose, begins sweating uncontrollably* Hi, I’m Jon Bois.  I was told there would be fingerbanging at this address?

Woman: Dear God, did you bring an accordion?  And a donut?

Jon Bois:  *fondles accordion, looks embarrassed* Yes, I like to play.  And the donut is for my blood sugar.

Woman: Sorry, you’ll not be fingerbanging me.  I’ll wait for that debonair Danger Guerrero from the banner pic.  He knows a woman like me does not want to be asked before a fingerbanging.  He knows to just do it when the moment is right.

Jon Bois:  Oh, hamburgers *takes long drag off inhaler, shuffles away*


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