Mad Rock Is The Mashup Of ‘Mad Men’ And ’30 Rock’ We Didn’t Know We Needed

Entertainment Editor
08.19.13 11 Comments

We’re not sure how we didn’t see it before. Mad Men and 30 Rock have so much in common, and single-serving Tumblr Mad Rock has shown us the way. These quotes from 30 Rock superimposed on screencaps from Mad Men go together like eating sushi on Amtrak or Thor and Arrested Development. We even noticed Liz Lemon’s mom turned down a marriage proposal from Buzz Aldrin because she got a job at Sterling Cooper. FORESHADOWING!

Some of our favorites among these Mad Men and 30 Rock mashups are collected below. All pictures and GIFs courtesy of Mad Rock, and you can check out the rest if you want to go to there.

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