It Would Be Kind Of Okay If Maeve Just Kills Everyone On ‘Westworld,’ Right?

11.29.16 24 Comments


There is a lot going on with Westworld right now. A whole lot. Too much, some would say, without being entirely unreasonable. Heading into the season one finale, we have open threads regarding (but not limited to) the following things: Ford’s mysterious new narrative; Dolores remembering that she killed Arnold; Maeve going full Neo; Teddy remembering his role in Wyatt’s massacre (which could be related to Dolores killing Arnold, maybe?); staff issues (two abducted park employees, one dead executive, and whatever will happen in the wake of Bernard’s “suicide”); whatever Charlotte and Lee are up to with Abernathy; and William quickly transforming into someone who sure behaves a lot like The Man in Black.

The producers of the show have promised that most, if not all, of these plots will be resolved in some way during the upcoming 90-minute finale, which seems like a noble and somewhat impossible goal. But there is another option here, rather than doing all the hard and potentially unsatisfying work of putting wrapping paper and little bows on a half-dozen interconnected plots and then gifting them to a fan base that will immediately rip them apart and dissect them to study them from every possible angle: They could just let Maeve kill everyone on the whole dang show.

Honestly, it would be fine if Maeve killed everyone on Westworld. It would be fine. Would it create issues for season two? Well, yeah. One imagines wiping out the vast majority of your cast and trying to explain away a tiny plot development like a self-aware super robot going on a murder spree in a glorified playground for billionaires could be a wee bit tricky. But that’s what writers rooms are for. Season two doesn’t premiere until 2018. You have plenty of time. It would be fine.

Think about it this way: Is there anyone on the show that you would be heartbroken to see Maeve kill in the uprising she’s been planning? I bet there isn’t! I touched on this in the discussion post for the most recent episode, but every single human character on the show right now is a duplicitous weasel at best and flat-out unlikable at worst. Let’s run down the list:

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