Maisie Williams And Other Teens Reacting To The NES Will Make You Feel Like A Dusty Old Cartridge

Maisie Williams once again joined the Fine Brothers for another one of their Teens React segments, this time featuring the original Nintendo NES. Not sure of the age range of our readership, but if you’re like me you grew up playing this beloved gaming system, so to see a bunch of kids presented with it who look like they were just handed an alien artifact is disheartening, to say the least. Although for the most part, the kids were overall receptive of the system, low points include the girl who claims to have an iPhone cover shaped like an NES controller (despite the fact that she didn’t know what it was), and the kid at the end who says that owning one would achieve ultimate hipster status — therefore making you cooler than “people who drink Starbucks and read Our Fault In The Stars.”

Well, I guess that makes me the coolest person ever, because I still have my NES and I even still play it sometimes, as evidenced by my timely Doctor Mario reference this morning. Sorry kids of today, you can try but you’ll never come close to being as cool as a 30-something blogger who can practically beat Duck Tales with her eyes closed and owns a copy of Captain Ron on VHS.