Maisie Williams Doesn’t Care If She Spoiled ‘Game Of Thrones’ For You

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06.13.16 12 Comments

In the instant gratification era of media, spoilers are not only abundant, but they’re a popular form of entertainment that simply cannot be avoided. It has created its own subculture of both spoiler hounds and spoiler dodgers, thus birthing one of the most hostile online battles there are, up there with the Jay Z Vs. Nas crowds and the “LeBron Is Good At Basketball” and “LeBron Is The Worst Guy Ever” wars.

People who hate spoilers have no problem crying about them online, whether you know them or not. Sunday night this vitriol reached Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams, and she responded in kind, owning a Twitter bro in the process.

See, on the latest episode of Thrones (SPOILERS) Williams’ Arya Stark wrapped up a years-long arc by finishing her transformation from Arya to A Girl back to Arya Stark of Winterfell. It was triumphant, even if the real triumph over the Waif happened off screen, as many of Thrones seminal moments seem to. What was a big moment for the character Arya Stark was also a huge moment for the 19-year-old actress as well. A showcase on the biggest show on television isn’t an everyday thing and she was understandably excited when she took to Twitter for an all caps, hashtag filled reaction to her own badassery.

Off-screen fight to the death against her mortal enemy be damned, #TeamArya is right. Well, Twitter bros started doing what Twitter bros do: Complain about anything and everything under the sun. “Arya Stark is back” is a spoiler of sorts, even though it’s been apparent for anybody watching the show for the past two months that Arya was no longer A Girl, so plenty of people complained.

Eventually Maisie fired back with the soundest advice possible for those looking to avoid the inevitable avalanche of spoilers on Twitter on Sunday nights.

Bonus points for the “aha” in lieu of the typical “LOL” just to make the complainer feel extra special and annoying. So there you have it. Watch the show live or stay off Twitter, aha.

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