All The Times Maisie Williams Has Won The Internet

Contributing Writer
05.01.16 5 Comments

I suppose it should be no surprise that Game of Thrones star Maisie Williams is a legit social media mogul. You could try to explain away the sheer volume of her followers on Twitter, Instagram, and Vine as the natural result of being one of the most popular characters on one of the most popular shows, but that ignores how friggin’ awesome a lot of the stuff she posts is.

For example, she secretly spent her day in a small boardgame store giving free Game of Thrones toys to anyone willing to act out a scene from the show. And then later that week, she decided to make a surprise visit to a random season six premiere viewing party, just to trip out the people in attendance.

So let’s dig deep to discover more magic from Maisie’s social media.

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