Major Plot Details Emerge About ‘True Detective’ Season Two

Last week, we got word that Colin Farrell was in negotiations for one of the (four) leads in True Detective season two, while HBO and Nic Pizzolatto wanted Taylor Kitsch for one of the other leads. Neither of those reports have been officially confirmed (although some outlets are saying the Farrell casting is “official”). We don’t know if the talks with Farrell were ultimately successful or not, or even if HBO continued its pursuit of Kitsch, because HBO hasn’t commented on any of this.

Meanwhile, Christian Bale — also according to The Wrapdid pass on True Detective season two, but I don’t necessarily believe that report, as the rumors about Bale’s involvement (I believe) surfaced before Pizzallato basically said, “None of the rumors you have heard so far are true. We have talked to no one.” I also don’t believe this Daily Star report that Ewan McGregor is being eyed by HBO for one of the roles. I don’t even think he’d be a good fit.

Meanwhile, I don’t know where Film Divider gets its information, but The Playlist has vouched for them, and The Playlist is legit, so these plot details on the new season may be accurate. The details they’ve added certainly suggest as much:

They assert that Farrell and Kitsch would play two detectives who join a female Monterey sheriff in her 30s — who has “trouble in her past and problems in her day-to-day” — to uncover a mess of corruption. The three investigators each are from different cities and each have their own separate demons:

Her issues are with alcohol and gambling. Farrell’s character has terrible problems with cocaine and anger management. The young guy, a member of the California Highway Patrol, has been suspended for sexually exploiting a young woman he pulled over. Nobody is clean.

Meanwhile, the plot itself will kind of echo that of Chinatown:

The new mystery is to be kickstarted by the murder of Ray Caspar, City Manager of a fictional Californian city. From what I can gather, the new, partly invented map that Pizzolatto is drawing will be essential to his new story. As he teased, some months ago, part of the mystery will involve California’s transportation systems. This plot will involve a corrupt scheme to link North and South California with a high speed train, all in pursuit of profitable land ownership and lucrative federal grants.

Other details suggests that the occult will play a part at the edges of the mystery, and that it will be set in modern day. Moreover, Farrell will have an older partner, but he won’t be one of the four main characters.

If true, the storyline certainly has a lot of great elements with which to play, and certainly a lot of great acting opportunities (I am most excited, naturally, for the occult angle at the edges of the mystery).

Source: FilmDivider