The Creators Of ‘Making A Murderer’ Fire Back At Prosecutor Ken Kratz And Hint At A Sequel

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01.02.16 3 Comments


The Wrap reached out to Moira Demos and Laura Ricciardi, the filmmakers behind Netflix’s Making A Murderer, hoping to gain a little insight into the claims made by former prosecutor Ken Kratz in an interview with People Magazine. In the interview, Kratz criticized the docuseries and said that the filmmakers left out “key evidence” that caused the jury to come to their final decision regarding the fates of Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey.

Demos and Ricciardi stand by their work and defended the evidence that the series used from the Avery trial:

Moira Demos: I guess I would ask Kratz what he would trade it for. We tried to choose what we thought was Kratz’s strongest evidence pointing toward Steven’s guilt, the things he talked about at his press conferences, the things that were really damning toward Steven. That’s what we put in. The things I’ve heard listed as things we’ve left out seem much less convincing of guilt than Teresa’s DNA on a bullet or her remains in his backyard.

Laura Ricciardi: To state this another way, I’d say that all of the most significant evidence of the state is in the series. It was a nearly six-week-long trial, and it would just be impossible for us to include all of the less significant evidence.

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