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A Des Moines man was fired for taking a “Seinfeld” joke too far, proving that it’s 2009 and you shouldn’t be telling Seinfeld jokes.  John Preston lost his job at the Brain Injury Association because he took the “You are so good looking”-in-place-of-“God bless you”-after-sneezing bit a little too seriously.

During [a company retreat], one of the female workers told her colleagues that whenever she or her husband sneezed, the other would respond by saying, “You are so good looking.” For the rest of the retreat, Preston and other workers adopted the routine. […]

A week after the retreat, Preston allegedly sent the female worker who initiated the joke a series of e-mails in which he reiterated that she was good looking.

The woman complained to her superiors, and Preston was cautioned about such comments. A few weeks later, Preston allegedly stopped the woman in a hallway at work and massaged her shoulders while speaking to her. That generated another complaint, and early this year Preston confronted the woman at a work-related event. Preston was then fired for sexual harassment.

Ugh, I can’t stand these prissy women who don’t know how to take a compliment.  I should be able to look at a female co-worker and tell her that she looks nice, or that I like her shoes, or that I want to rub her tits.  I’m just giving you a compliment, you know?  But noooooo, you had to go tattle to H.R. because you don’t like a friendly tongue in the ear.  Prude.  Hey baby, nobody ever got promoted by not sucking people off.  Oh, so I’m fired now?  For being honest?  Yeah, well take this job and shove it, I’ve got a blog.

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