Check Out Amazon’s Haunting Full Trailer For ‘The Man In The High Castle’

Amazon brought The Man In The High Castle to Comic-Con this year, showcasing their most watched pilot of all-time for the crowds and previewing the first two episodes of the series for folks online in a live stream. For everybody else, we’ll have to wait until the fall when the season premieres on Amazon. But we do have this full trailer to hold us over until then.

It paints a picture of the alternate United States created in the show after the Axis powers won World War II and split the United States amongst themselves. If you haven’t watched the original pilot, do yourself a favor now and go check it out. We’ve already been over how great it is, but it will help to expand on a bit of what you’re seeing in this trailer.

The only confusing part to me is why the Nazis would bother keeping any semblance of the original American flag around once they took over. Just seems like it is asking for trouble in some manner. I do like how the Japanese just randomly painted a flag on the side of the Golden Gate Bridge, though.

(Via Amazon)