Man Named Omar Little Arrested in Baltimore

Justin Fenton is a crime reporter for the Baltimore Sun. He must be asked, “Is your city like “The Wire”?” 84 times a day. After something that happened this weekend, he can firmly/depressingly say, “Indeed.”

An hour after sending that tweet, he directed another at Michael K. Williams, the actor who played Omar. It said, “I read Omar was based on several real-life stickup men, but none named Omar Little. Do you know where the name comes from?” The men he’s referring to are Shorty Boyd, Donnie Anders, Ferdinand Harvin, and Anthony Hollie, who all robbed drug dealers between the 1980s and 2000s, according to the Guardian.

I have so many questions: was he getting Honey Nut Cheerios? Why didn’t he have a shotgun? Does he feel like just because his name is Omar Little, he had to begin a life of crime? Did he call himself The King and yell, “I’m coming, yo” when he walked down the street? We need ANSWERS, Fenton…or else.