What Would Ron Burgundy Look Like With Other Famous Facial Hair Styles?

Ron Burgundy’s mustache might be the most important part of him. But I was curious. What would Ron Burgundy look like with other famous types of facial hair? Would he still be so suave, so manly, such a big deal? Lets find out.

Let’s start with the Classic Burgundy

The sheer face of manliness

Now the Hairless Burgundy

Hairless Burgundy. Still suave, but missing that key ingredient.

The Goateed Burgundy

Goatee Burgundy. If Ron Burgundy wasn’t confident enough in his chin.

The Wilford Brimley Burgundy

Wilford Brimley Burgundy. Anchorman man of distinguished taste, and dedicated to giving you the latest updates on your insulin levels.

The Burgundy Pubestache

The Burgundy Pubestache. The only way Mr. Burgundy was able to make sure he was never taken seriously again.

The Burgundy Handlebar

The Burgundy Handlebar. For news from the back of his Harley.

The Burgundy Professor

The Burgundy Professor. He’s tenured, in news.

The Burgundy Roosevelt

The Burgundy Roosevelt. The most badass president, the most badass anchorman, and a terror to animals everywhere.

The Burgundy French Villain

The Burgundy French Villain. He has all ze veapons, you would be wize to listen to hiz demandz.

The Burgundy 70s Sideburns

The Burgundy 70s Sideburns. For quick news updates on Staying Alive.

The Burgundy Internet Neckbeard

The Burgundy Internet Neckbeard. Delivering news straight from the friendzone to your TV

The Burgundy Beard Contest

The Burgundy Beard Contest. For when he simply has nothing better to do with his life.

The Burgundy Dali

The Burgundy Dali. No one is really sure what the point is.

The Burgundy Hunger Games

The Burgundy Hunger Games. Delivering all the news from the capital to your poor and run down district. Worship him like the slave you are.

The Burgundy Filmstar

The Burgundy Filmstar. Yeah. Charlie Chaplin. That’s who you thought of first right? It better be.

And just for the hell of it, have a gif of all of them...