The Many Emotions Of Ron Swanson Supercut Is The Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp Of Supercuts

As we’ve mentioned before, NBC  — especially the Thursday night lineup — can sometimes get the internet. That Thursday night lineup is essentially just Parks and Recreation but the P&R team is most definitely still getting it. With just over a week from the Season 6 premiere they’ve released this most excellent supercut along with a whole slew of cast interview and preview clips. You should really click through and watch them all, but first things first: The Ron Swanson Emotions Supercut.

As much as the mythology of Swanson is built around stoic masculinity, Nick Offerman really does regularly run through the spectrum of of emotions thanks to Ron’s coworkers, ex-wives, love of riddles, and faulty eternal flames. This video almost covers them all. In fact, the below many faces graphic feels seriously full of sh*t after a watch.