Marc Maron Defends Amy Schumer Over Accusations She Is Stealing Jokes

The Amy Schumer joke-stealing controversy won’t go away. One prominent comedian who wishes it would and has had quite enough of the whole thing is Marc Maron. Maron took up the matter on his WTF podcast this past week, standing up for Schumer and suggesting that he’s not sure the whole brouhaha is even about joke theft at all, but about old-fashioned misogyny.

After taking every allegation against Schumer apart one by one, Maron got to the crux of the matter, even relaying that he had to alter the comments section of his website due to the regularity of hate toward women nearly every time he had a female guest on WTF:

“Garbage, slander, violence, just nasty sh*t — just a string of anonymous monsters. That was the pattern,” he said. “They’re all dudes who champion this thing. This has nothing to do with justice. This is about annihilating a woman … they put a lot of work into it — to the point where they manipulated my words to suit their agenda and get that through.”

Maron added to his point by telling his listeners that no matter what any of them or anyone felt about Schumer, she’s “the real deal,” and that what’s been going on is “about hate. It’s about anger. It’s about woman-bashing.”

Good for Maron for addressing the issue. From comedians to women in sports media and far beyond, this is a real problem. The more high-profile folks who speak out against it, the better.

(via Vox)