Allow These Marc Maron Stand Up Clips To Remind You That Marc Maron Isn’t Just A Podcaster

Exciting news, folks: Marc Maron, comedian and podcaster to the stars, will be joining us for a Live Q&A tomorrow, December 14th at 2PM EST. Mark your calendars and bookmark this url and be here or be something that rhymes with “here.”
As a primer for what’s sure to be an interesting discussion, I dug through as many manageable YouTube clips as I could find of Marc Maron doing stand up. Nowadays his name is so synonymous with interviews and podcasts that his actual comedy seems to find itself on the back burner, so let’s remind ourselves the guy also makes jokes in front of a live audience on occasion.
Here are several funny, sometimes awkward, sometimes depressing clips. There’s some NSFW language sprinkled in so consider yourself warned. There are also some quality issues but that’s to be expected when digging through old stand up clips. Don’t be so demanding.

Given what we know now about the path of each man since and how empty and cruel and never broadcasted again Chevy Chase’s 2002 roast was, this is even more spectacularly awkward.