Marc Maron’s New Netflix Special ‘Too Real’ Gets Its First, Anxiety-Ridden Trailer

08.23.17 2 years ago

Marc Maron helped Netflix conquer the summer with his turn in the highly successful pro-wrestling series GLOW, but the WTF podcast host won’t be abandoning his stand-up comedy roots anytime soon. Hence his new special Too Real, which premieres exclusively on the streaming giant Tuesday, September 5th. This means comedy fans will have a full two weeks to contend with Maron’s infamously neurotic onstage antics before Jerry Seinfeld’s much calmer demeanor makes its Netflix debut. Then again, as Maron told Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon last week, being too real is his “problem.”

According to a press release, Maron will “[unleash] a storm of ideas on meditation, mortality, documentary films, and our weird modern world” in Too Real. “Pairing his candid conversational style with personal honesty,” the release continues, “modern-day philosopher Maron discusses everything from art and aging to his relationship with his parents and the longevity of the Rolling Stones.” Judging by the first trailer for the special, Netflix’s description of Maron’s comedy in Too Real isn’t that far off. “I don’t know how to have fun. How do you have fun?” he shouts at the audience in Minneapolis. “How do you guys do it? Like, I don’t think I would have come to this show.”

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