12.17.09 9 years ago 10 Comments

There isn’t a whole lot of meat to this story, but what I’m excited about most this morning is HBO’s announcement that “The Pacific” — the epic miniseries about Marines in World War II — has a premiere date. The ten-part series will debut on Sunday, March 14th and will be the most important thing in my life every week until May 16th. I’m spreading the word now so that you poor people who don’t have HBO can save up to pay for premium cable for two months. I mean, c’mon: Marines. Flamethrowers. Gratuitous use of the word “Jap.” You don’t want to miss that.

Now, I’ve posted both of the trailers before, but I understand that not everyone has been refreshing Warming Glow on the hour since June (people with “jobs,” whatever those are), so I’ve got them both below. If it doesn’t make you want to run a bayonet through Yamamoto and nail an Australian chick between campaigns, then you can just hang out alone with your vegan bran muffin, you goddam hippie communist queer.

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