‘Game Of Thrones’ Has Been Foreshadowing A Hated Character’s Death For Years

First impressions can be deceiving. Margaery Tyrell made her debut on Game of Thrones in season two’s “What Is Dead May Never Die,” when Renly Baratheon introduced her, his wife, to Catelyn Stark. To non-book readers, she didn’t seem all that important — just another anonymously gorgeous woman attached to a powerful man who wanted to be king. A would-be king, who also happens to be gay. Later, when he’s rebuffed in the bedroom by his secret-lover Loras, Margaery is fetched, but she fails to seduce Renly.

That’s when we see the real Margaery for the first time.

She offers to invite Loras — her brother! — into their lovemaking, because he should be king (and she, his queen) and queens give kings what they want, and she also knows the importance of producing an heir. A child solidifies power, and quiets the gossip-mongers who wonder why Margaery is still a virgin weeks after her wedding. She’s thinking of the present and the future, all while flattering Renly by gently making it seem like her ideas are his. She was good at the “game of thrones” then, and she’s even better now.

After spending most of this season locked in a dirty prison cell, Margaery was finally discharged in last Sunday’s episode, “Blood of My Blood.” Like most prisoners, though, she came out a different person: she and her current husband, King Tommen Baratheon, are now on Team High Sparrow after he preached to them the importance of combining church and state. That’s what Margaery wants everyone to think, at least. There are many reasons to believe she’s lying. For instance, think back to her conversation with Loras from the previous episode. She tells her mentally broken brother, “They want me to help you. They want me to help tear you down. That’s why he’s letting me see you; I know it is. And if either of us give in to what they want, then they win.” Margaery recognizes the High Sparrow’s game, and refuses to play.

Meanwhile, she’s orchestrating a plan of her own. By pretending to swear that the “gods have a plan for us all,” Margaery not only doesn’t have to take the Walk of Atonement, she also gets to stand with Tommen. Plus, Jaime has been banished to the Riverlands, Cersei has been undermined, and she saved the Tyrell army from near-certain doom. Everything’s coming up Margaery. As it should: she’s been foreshadowing her mastery since season four.

That’s from “Two Swords,” when Margaery and Lady Olenna are planning which necklace the future-queen should wear in her wedding with Joffrey. If you’ll recall, a necklace played a role in Joffrey’s demise. If the High Sparrow doesn’t watch out, he might suffer the same fate. Good riddance.

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