Margot Robbie Talked About The Time She Got Caught Stealing Toilet Paper

Stars! They’re just like us! They poop and pee and have normal bodily functions, and they sometimes also forget to buy toilet paper. Exceptionally down-to-earth Margot Robbie was a guest on The Tonight Show last night, and she told Jimmy Fallon that in addition to living in a house with five roommates — which amazes me because I can barely tolerate living with one person, and we’re married — that she has a real struggle when it comes to toilet paper.

Her toilet paper thieving past has not gone undocumented, either. She revealed that while filming Wolf of Wall Street in New York City, she cleaned out a hotel room and got papped immediately afterward smuggling out the stolen goods in a fancy Ralph Lauren bag. That’s probably way less embarrassing for an actress than getting papped just buying toilet paper. Page Six would have been all over a “MARGOT ROBBIE POOPS” exclusive the next day.