Margot Robbie Can Barely Keep It Together Opposite Kate McKinnon’s Faded Hollywood Actress On ‘SNL’

Saturday Night Live’s premiere wasn’t perfect if you check out some of the early reviews, but it had its moments. Margot Robbie had a few flubs here and there, particularly at the very close of the show, but there was one moment where you can’t blame her for breaking up. During the odd, 10 to 1 sketch of the night, the ladies of SNL played some great Hollywood actresses during a New York Film Festival roundtable. It’s basically an excuse to let Kate McKinnon cut loose and go crazy, which has worked plenty in the past. This time around she’s a burnt out Hollywood star from the Golden Age and some of it seems a bit too much for Robbie to handle.

It’s nowhere near Ryan Gosling’s complete breakdown from last season, but it’s pretty clear that Robbie can’t make it through the sketch by the end. When the camera doesn’t return until the very end of the sketch after the first glimpses of Robbie breaking, you know the job is done.

This is one of those times when breaking definitely enhances the sketch a bit. It’s definitely created a few memorable moments in the past for SNL and I think it helps a sketch that might not hit on all cylinders get on track to close out the show. Just the latest example of how valuable Kate McKinnon is to the show.

(Via SNL)