Mariah Carey Is Serving Up Some Diva ‘Realness’ In The First Trailer For ‘Mariah’s World’

Life as a self-professed diva isn’t easy, especially for Mariah Carey, who made a name for herself in the 90’s and is now perhaps best known for being a judge on American Idol. That is exactly what E! wants to express with their upcoming, eight-part event this December called Mariah’s World.

The show, which Mariah (who refers to herself as Mimi, mind you) has refuted is a reality show, instead a show built for her fans to get to know the real her better, is set to premiere on December 8th on E!. The new trailer for the show, thanks to Vulture, shows that there is no such thing as a “normal” day in the life for Mimi. The aim of the show is to document her latest European tour, The Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour, as well as her engagement and wedding with billionaire James Packer.

From what we can glean from this video, this should be quite a moment in entertainment, with everything from Mariah sitting around in lingerie talking sultry to her with her entourage on the phone posing as a fake employee of hers to sliding down a slide and not looking too diva-like. Oh, who am I kidding, who else could go down a child’s slide at escape velocity like that with her hair instantly bouncing back to its fabulous state?

She also wants you to know that the stories about her asking for puppies to be delivered to her, well, she would totally love to have puppies delivered to her.

(Via Vulture)