Mariah Carey’s Dress-Popping ‘Good Morning America’ Appearance Was Very Odd

Senior Pop Culture Editor
05.24.13 6 Comments

There are certain TV moments I’ll never forget watching live. The Seinfeld finale, the (disappointing) reveal of Homer Simpson’s middle name, the FACE OFF scene from Breaking Bad, the second Dr. Romano helicopter accident on E.R. (but NOT the first), the series premiere of Dog with a Blog, the time a loopy Mariah Carey ripped off her clothes and handed out ice cream on TRL. I had no idea what the hell was going on, but damned if I didn’t enjoy “Loverboy.”

Anyway, Mariah has regained her sanity since that fateful surprise, although she’s still not a pro at live TV. Earlier today, she was on Good Morning America as part of their “Central Park Summer Concert Series,” and in order, she said “sh*t,” claimed she goes to sleep at 8:30 a.m., popped her dress, pronounced “ensemble” in a way I’ve never heard before, spun around so that everyone in the crowd could see her popped dress, cupped both her boobs, invited GMA‘s Lara Spencer to support said boobs, and claimed her wardrobe malfunction would go viral on Spotify.

Meanwhile, Nick Cannon was left at home, so he could finish working on his Up All Night fan fiction. Poor guy.

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