Chicago’s ‘Saved By The Bell’ Themed Diner Got A Special Visit From Mario Lopez

The ’90s were amazing. Hip hop was at its finest, the internet was a fresh new thing we hadn’t yet taken for granted and (obviously) we were much younger and carefree. Sometimes we wish we could go back and relive the ’90s all over again. A Chicago diner apparently feels the same way, and is doing their damnedest to bring back an unforgettable piece of ’90s history; Saved By The Bell. It’s not exactly another Notorious B.I.G. album, but we’ll take it.

Saved By The Max has gone out of their way to recreate the eatery the Bayside Tigers frequented. The attention to detail taken from the sitcom — that ran from 1989 to 1993 and starred Mario Lopez, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Dustin Diamond and Tiffani-Amber Thiessen. — are rather startling. They’ve obviously put some borderline stalker thought into this thing.

Saved By The Max’s efforts apparently haven’t gone unnoticed by one of the shows ex-stars. Mario Lopez, who played the role of heartthrob jock A.C. Slater on the sitcom made a surprise appearance at the diner to check out the place for himself.. Lopez posted pictures and video of his visit to his Instagram account.

Lopez admired graffiti on the wall that features quotes from the iconic show, had a laugh at the menu that features an appetizer called ‘AC Sliders’ and an ‘Albert Clifford’ drink, took pictures with shocked fans, and took in some of the reruns of Saved By The Bell that play on all the televisions throughout the restaurant. No word on if the diner was treated to an impromptu dance-off, but if it did happen, we are pretty sure AC served their asses, ’90s style.

(Via AV Club)